What are Refined Carbohydrates?

You can simply define Refined Carbohydrates as processed foods with the whole grain, no longer intact.

Refined carbohydrates are forms of sugar and starch that are non-existent in nature. Therefore, you can’t find them in nature and natural foods.

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Sugar and starches found in fruits and foods are unrefined carbohydrate and they occur in nature.

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You can get Refined Carbohydrates from natural whole foods. But they have changed in some ways. Through manufacturing processes to become refined foods.

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Additionally, we mostly identify them as sugars because they taste sweet and usually come in crystalline, syrupy or powdery form.

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Furthermore, if you remove the nutrients from refine carbohydrate and add them back. it becomes an Enriched Food.

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According to the USDA, refined carbohydrate foods are often high in calories. They also contain solid fats and added sugars called SoFAS.

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The organization recommends that you replace refined carbs with whole grain foods for improved health.

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Moreover, Refined carbohydrates are still lacking healthy fiber. Fiber is a nutrient that is present in whole unrefined grains.

What are the types of Refined Carbohydrates?

There are two main types of Refined Carbohydrates

  • Sugar

Refined Carbohydrates digest easily and quickly in the body. Furthermore, they increase the level of blood sugar and insulin rapidly in the body after meals. This can lead obesity and other diseases such as Diabetes.




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